Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

We now offer Birthday Parties at the Farm!  

Our Birthday Parties include the following for each child in attendance:
  • Cupcake
  • Juice Pouch or Water Bottle
  • Farm Tour
  • Feed the Alpacas
  • Fun Demonstrations with Alpaca Fiber
  • Choice of one of the ACTIVITIES listed below
  • Birthday Child receives a pocket bear (shown below)

Cost is $80 for up to 10 children.
$7 for each additional child ($2 for each activity included in the party after the first)
Length of the party is 1 1/2 - 2 Hours

All birthday parties include your choice of one of the following activities.  Each additional activity has a cost of $20 and adds an additional 20 minutes to the party length.

Wet Felted Soap - each child  makes their own wet felted alpaca fiber soap that they can take home with them.
Alpaca Air Freshner - each child makes a cinnamon scented air freshener that they can take home with them.
Fuzzy Alpaca Magnet - each child uses alpaca fiber to create a magnet that they can take home with them.
Decorated Alpaca Sugar Cookies - Each child will decorate a pre-baked alpaca shaped sugar cookie that they can eat at the party, or take home with them that day.

Add Ons
Choose Your Cake Flavor
If you would like, you can choose from the cake flavors below for an additional $5.
Red Velvet, Spice, Carrot, Almond, Strawberry

Custom Cake
Have a custom cake designed for your birthday child.  Price varies by design. May be ordered in place of or in addition to cupcakes (prices start at $15 and up).

Walk an Alpaca
Each child can have the chance to walk an alpaca. This includes a group photo with the alpaca for the birthday child and a copy will be emailed to the parent of the birthday child to distribute as they would like.  This activity is an additional $20 and adds 20 minutes to the party length.

Goodie Bags
For $5 per child, we will create goodie bags for each of the children at the party. These will include a finger puppet (made from alpaca yarn) and other goodies and candy.

383 County Road 155, Stringer MS 39481
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